‘Na Na Na  Na… Na Na Na  Na… Hey Hey… Goodbye’ or ‘Thanks For The Memories’

How ever you ‘song it up’ The New York Knicks coaching staff has been terminated.

After a combined 109-79 (.580) coach Mike Woodson is cleaning out his office as I am writing this blog.

I said in one of my previous sports raps that Coach Woodson failed to get into the heads of the players this season, and for that reason alone his dismissal is justified.

How many times do you have to stand up and yell at your players to defend, or to pass the freekin ball? Great teams know where they need to be on both sides of the court and this year’s team was the F Troop of the NBA.

Phil Jackson has made his first positive move towards fixing this team, and rumor has it Steve Kerr may be a consideration for head coach, he has great vision and is a proven champion. The big question, will he leave his broadcasting job with TNT and sell his soul to Madison Square Garden?

Phil’s GM moves are already bringing more excitement than this past season.

To be continued.