Many times the debut album of an artist or group contains their best work, when the British/American rock band Foreigner released its first album in 1977 with ‘Cold As Ice’ and ‘Feels Like The First Time’ anyone could have made that assumption.

The release of their sophomore album ‘Double Vision’ proved that Foreigner was much more than a one album wonder. I loved every song on the first album and I can say the same for the latter.  ‘Hot Blooded” ‘Blue Morning, Blue Day’ and the title cut were pure rock genius with the powerful voice of Lou Gramm, along with Mick Jones guitar, the added voicing of Al Green’s synths,and Ian McDonalds reeds on the instrumental ‘Tramontane’ (the only instrumental to be released on a Foreigner studio album)  makes “Double Vision” musical poetry in motion.

The album hit the number 3 position on the Billboard album chart in 1978 selling over seven million copies (seven times platinum) and producing  2 top ten singles and one top 20.

I can say that “Double Vision” is one of my all time favorite rock albums and you’ve never owned it you should get a copy, and if you’re familiar with it, you should revisit it soon.

1.    "Hot Blooded" (Lou Gramm, Mick Jones) – 4:29
2.    "Blue Morning, Blue Day" (Jones, Gramm) – 3:12
3.    "You're All I Am" (Jones) – 3:24
4.    "Back Where You Belong" (Jones) – 3:15
5.    "Love Has Taken Its Toll" (Gramm, Ian McDonald) – 3:31
6.    "Double Vision" (Jones, Gramm) – 3:44
7.    "Tramontane" (instrumental) (Al Greenwood, Jones, McDonald) – 3:55
8.    "I Have Waited So Long" (Jones) – 4:06
9.    "Lonely Children" (Jones) – 3:37
10.    "Spellbinder" (Gramm, Jones) – 4:49

Lou Gramm – lead vocals, percussion
Mick Jones – guitar, piano, vocals
Dennis Elliott – drums, vocals
Ed Gagliardi – bass guitar, vocals
Al Greenwood – synthesizer, keyboards
Ian McDonald – guitar, keyboards, vocals, reeds