Hey Whale listeners I have been your morning show host for 46 days.

And if I could steal a slogan I’m Lovin’ it.

Getting up at 3am is not for everyone, but it works for me. I look forward to being behind the mic and rockin’ with this community each morning.

On Saturday I will be out in the community doing my first Whale stops, it’s a chance for me to meet you face to face, something I consider to be the best part of my job. If you get the time and would like to stop by and see me Saturday I would love to meet you and if we’ve met before stop by and we’ll catch up.

Whale Stop #1 is at J&R Upholstery 20 Emma Street, Binghamton from 11a to 1p.

Whale Stop #2 is at Vapor King, 3201 Vestal Parkway (same side as Serafini ) from 2p to 3:30p

Thanks for listening weekday mornings 5a to 10a on Binghamton’s Classic Rock Station 991 The Whale!