With many people buying gifts online, scammers have decided to go after them using the name of the top online retailers. Cyber Monday proved that millions of people happily shop online, and that means there are bound to be some victims too.

Here are some ways to tell the emails are fake:

1. The originating email address is not "quite right". Here is an example from spam someone attempted to make me believe was Amazon.com.
See the problem?

2. Misspellings will be obvious and words that are used more overseas will be used.
We’ll let you know once your item(s) have dispatched.

3. There is an attachment. Authentic emails from a company like Amazon will direct you to paperwork on their website. They will not, ever, attach anything to an email!

AOL screenshot

4. Authentic company emails will always address you by identifying info from your account. This doesn't cut it: Good morning

5. The biggest red flag is this: did you actually order from them? If not, it's fake! If you did, delete the email and visit the website to view your account. This is a simple safety measure.

The elderly and those not very tech savvy are more apt to fall prey to this kind of spam, so educate those around you.