My husband, Tom, and I took a much needed vacation last week to see his sons and siblings in North Carolina. We almost didn't go, but I am so glad we did!

Every year we hear that 60 to 70 percent of Americans don't take vacations, but I am here to tell you that you need to. Forget the money issue, take a staycation if you need to. Just go.

Think about all the stress from work and every day stuff. It is unhealthy to be mired in stress. Doctors and psychologists alike will tell you that stress not only damages your mental health, but affects your heart and other vital body functions. And if nothing else, you need to break from that "blah" daily routine every now and then.

if you can't afford to travel, check out a state park here or spend the days taking in the free area sites (there are several). See all the possibilities here.

I could give you tons of reasons why you should pack up and head out, but do I really have to? I am just so glad we went on our trip. I got to meet Tom's brothers, sons and play with our grandkids. Life doesn't get better than that.