Binghamton Restaurant Week is a great way to try different restaurants you may have wanted to go to, but never had the chance, and at a bargain price!
One of those, possibly overlooked, eateries is Crepe Heaven at 217-219 Main Street,Binghamton in theWest Side Plaza.
The Whale's Nighttime Rocker - 'Kat' and I went to check it out.

First, there’s a good-size parking lot for the plaza at the corner of Main and Schiller Streets that’s easy to get in and out of and a traffic light to assist getting back on Main Street.
As for the food, we sampled home-made soup and salad (both good size portions), crepes and home-made chocolate-caramel cake.
Kat had The Ricotta Crepe with spinach.
It was creamy and the accompanying marinara sauce which was a perfect match.
The sauce also paired well with the Veggie Crepe, stuffed full of favorites like broccoli, peppers, onions and more, which is what I ordered.
Both crepes were enormous, taking up the width of the plate.
Kat commented, that after finishing a generous-sized bowl of the flavorful vegetable soup, it was hard to finish the crepe and the wedge of fluffy, rich cake.
Crepe Heaven has several varieties of savory crepe including ham and pizza as well as the sweet crepes many people are more familiar with.

It’s not all about the crepes and desserts, though.
Crepe Heaven serves Panini’s Gyros and something called a Bosnian Burger.
Many people also have been known to lounge in the bright front dining area to enjoy a Cappuccino, Turkish Coffee or tea.
If you can’t make it to Crepe Heaven for Restaurant Week, definitely put it on your list for future dining since the regular prices are very reasonable and all the food prepared fresh, in-house.