Now, let's get this straight, I don't use the term "beggar" in a discriminatory way. Would "street solicitors" make you feel better? Either way... it seems that I can't leave the radio station in downtown Binghamton without being asked every day for money by the same people. I'll admit, I'm guilty of pretending to be talking on my phone as a form of avoidance. The main reason that I don't give money is because that can be used anywhere, for anything.

Typically, when I do respond to their requests, it is usually something like: "I'm actually going to the deli right now, would you like a bite to eat? Something to drink?" I don't mean this post as a form of insensitivity, but more as a question for you: Do you give money to people when they ask you for it in the streets? What is your typical response?

Here is a cool video that I found of a weekend idea for going downtown to give back. What do you think? Have you been in their shoes perhaps? Are there things that I may be overlooking?

(via YouTube)