Every year, right after the holidays, we tend to feel kind of "blah" and heavy. The obvious culprit is all the weight we gained during the festivities, right?

Nope! According to the National Institutes of Health, turns out we, on average gain a whopping one pound by the first week of January. That's all, one pound.

So why do we feel so out of sorts? Several reasons. We eat things we aren't used to, we have much higher stress levels, we have more family interaction, and the body may simply go into "overload" mode.

When we change our routines, the body notices and then you notice the body's reaction. So, to feel better, exercise just a bit more and try not to stop eating the healthy food you do normally.

And if you drink more alcohol, drink more water. Alcohol, when coupled with stress may cause your body to swell in the hands and legs (among other side effects).

Oh, and don't use this as an excuse to pig out or you will pack on the pounds!