Did I suck you into checking this video out anyway?
Good, that was my intention.

I ran across this somewhat interesting bikini girl music video while surfing questionable websites, and I think it has got to be one of the strangest music videos ever.
I'm not sure what the songs is since it's in another language, but does it really matter?
The real question is, what's the plot of this video?
Is it how to correctly roll and crawl around in sand and surf, maybe how bad lip synching is done, possibly it's how not to do a music video!

At around the one minute mark, I'm trying to determine whether the guy is in pain, howling at the moon, or just looking up at sky at some large object which is about to fall on him.
That scene is followed by some strange moves going on from our bikini girl ( who by the way, is pretty hot), but it seems to me she's in some kind of pain.
I guess it's worth watching, if just to check out the bikini girl.
I found myself amused and amazed, so it's worth checking out!