When you go to a restaurant, as a couple, do you sit on the same side of the table?

Apparently, if you do, you don't make the restaurant staff very happy.

A survey of restaurant personnel states that couples who sit on the same side of the table, tend to take longer to eat and like to do the 'lovey-dovey' type things that of course slow down the eating process.

Now here's my thought on this.
Obviously I, and I'm sure the other patrons at a restaurant, do not want to observe a couple performing public displays of affection.
It's just gross!

Secondly, how inconvenient is it to actually talk the the other person when you are sitting side by side,(assuming you do some talking) rather than from across the table?
For me, it would literally be a pain in the neck to keep turning my head to look at the person sitting next to me while engaged in conversation.

My advice - sit across the table from your significant other, have a compelling conversation, eat your food and save the 'smooching' for another time and place.