Yesterday, I embarked on a journey I wanted to start when I got here 3 and a half years ago. Learning about Binghamton!

My first stop was the office of Broome County Historian, Gerald Smith, at the Broome County Library on Court Street. First off, holy cow is that a huge library and there is a big old genealogy section upstairs where Mr. Smith's office is.

Getting off track. Sorry! I met Mr. Smith and being the organized historian he is (I think it's a requirement), he had several pages of information ready for me. I have quickly glanced through the package and my goodness Binghamton has a rich history!

Which leads me to my last thought; look for a regular "Discovering Binghamton" blog each week on my page. Why am I doing this? To love and be proud of your home, you have to know where it came from. Just like a relative.