I like toothpaste. And I mean the paste, not the gel. Ever since college, I have used it for things besides brushing the old choppers.

Did you know that there are well over 50 ways to use toothpaste outside of the mouth? It's versatile stuff! Here are some ways I have used it, and some that I have heard works.

1. Patch holes in drywall. To close up those nail holes, simply place toothpaste into the holes and smooth over like spackle.

2. Remove glass rings from wood. We've all done it; put a glass down on a wooden end or coffee table and left it there too long. When you lift the glass, there is a ring shaped stain in the wood. What to do? Rub toothpaste in it until it gone. Works great.

3. Shine chrome. My Dad did this! I remember him shining up Chrome from my grandfather's boat. It sparkled!

4. Remove scratches from glass or plastic. You apply the paste and buff it out with a soft cloth.of note: this works great on cell phone screens.

5. Here's one my friend did. You know how baby bottles still smell like milk even though they've been washed? She put toothpaste on the bottle brush and then washed it. Smells minty!

6. Pastes of all kinds were used many years ago to soothe rashes and all kinds of skin irritations. Because of its consistency, toothpaste will still work.

7. Here's one I need to try: toothpaste removes carpet stains. Simply scrub it into the stain with a brush until it is gone. then, rinse with a little water.

Well you get the idea! toothpaste is pretty darn handy to have around. Don't forget, use the paste not the gel.