By: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images Sport

Favored heavily 5-1 prior to the race, Orb took the title of 139th Kentucky Derby winner, Saturday at Churchill Downs. The other top finishers were Golden Soul in second, Revolutionary in third and Normandy Invasion in fourth place.

I normally love watching the Derby, but not this year. Did you see that track at Churchill Downs? It was a mess!

Steady rain pelted Churchill Downs on Saturday leading to the the bugler wearing a red poncho as he blew the call to the post for early races.


The condition of the track was steadily downgraded to sloppy. The dirt surface resembled  creamy peanut butter and looked dangerous. Fans were having trouble walking, why wouldn't the horses have the same problems?

Why can they not postpone the Kentucky Derby, like they do with an auto race, or a baseball game? I did not want to see one of these beautiful animals get hurt in those soupy conditions!

Remember the awful leg break suffered by Barbaro in the 2007 Preakness? I know that had nothing to do with track conditions, but watching the race Saturday made me feel like that was a possibility.

As the horses were rounding that final number four turn, and Orb was trying to find a dryer lane, all I was hoping for was that one of those animals didn't have all four slip out from under them. Thankfully that did not happen.

I think horse racing officials at these major races need to wake up, and be more protective of their multimillion dollar athletes. No one wants to see one of these beautiful animals hurt, especially the beautiful animals!