I haven't seen much in the way of outdoor Halloween decorations this year. One house my husband and I passed had inflatable pumpkins and a ghost and a few gourds in the yard, but that's it.

I remember just a few years ago when it seemed everyone had hay bales, corn stalks and gourds all over their yards. Some had spooky additions to the decor. I wonder what happened.

Really, it isn't that costly or time consuming to add a fall flair to your yard. I watched my sister and brother-in-law do it last weekend and I think the total tab was $50.

All they did was plant some mums, a couple small pumpkins and add a carved pumpkin (well placed for wow factor).  There is a real candle in the pumpkin which adds a neat glow. Oh, they added a couple of pumpkin decorations and left some leaves unraked.

For decorations, my sister likes to go to thrift and consignment stores. The treasures are plentiful and the prices are low.She says the same goes for all holiday decorations.

Send us pictures of your decorations!