So what is your favorite part of Cruisin'Pallooza? When we first conceived this little idea, we thought... 'hey, no other area car shows routinely have bands, so wouldn't it be great if we blended bands and cars together, all in one place?'

Voalla, Cruisin'Pallooza was born.  Jerry Chambers and I are the 'we' and we conceived this idea over a beer or two at a local tavern, then set out to convince people that this would be a worthwhile endeavor to raise money and food to help feed the hungry served bu CHOW. Little did we know that it was gonna be so much more.

Over the years we've had a lot of different bands appear on our main sound stage. They were always local and loved to help out the cause. Our vendors, many of which come back every year, are diverse and plentiful. We added the motorcycles to the show three years ago and gave them a whole separate day for frolicking and fun bike gamery.

You never know what you are gonna find at Cruisin'Pallooza, but there's a good bet that you will find more than just a few cool cars, rolling across the Broome County Fairgrounds. 57 Chevys, '40 Ford street rods, low riders, tricked out trucks and more. All proudly displayed in the perfectly painted grandeur.

Cruisin'Pallooza FB

But you know what I really like about Cruisin'Pallooza? It's the people and their car stories.

You really grow to appreciate what some of these people have done to give an old rusty wreck a new life. As you walk by some of the cars at Cruisin'Pallooza 13, look at the picture books that track the progress of these car restorations. And if you give a car aficionado a chance, they will certainly give you an earful when it comes to their car, where it came from and what it took to get it looking like it does now. And I promise those stories are never, ever boring.

That's my favorite part of Cruisin'Pallooza. What's yours?

Cruisin'Pallooza 13, June 28th through the 30th at the Broome County Fairgrounds in Whitney Point, NY.  Friday 5 to after dark, admission is free. Saturday 8 to 4, admission is 5-dollars per person and Sunday's bike night during the day runs 8 to 4, admission is 3-dollars. Kids 10 and under are free.

For more info go to the events tab above and click on Cruisin'Pallooza. Or call 607-725-1446. We'll see you at 'The Pallooza."