A big thank you to all that came out to help us put ion the biggest little car show and bike event in the Southern Tier.


Cruisin'Pallooza 13 certainly had it's challenges. Weather was the main one. Friday Night's Pallooza Cruise In was mainly cancelled and so was the movie and the music of Tim Ruffo. Oh well, you can't control mother nature.




My Cruisin'Pallooza 13 actually started a bit earlier in the week. Tuesday we put the signs up for the Pallooza, and that's the day I drilled a 4-inch drywall screw threw my thumb.  The blood was red and plentiful.

The next day I was moving some trash barrels around. They are the 55-gallon oil drum variety and someone dropped one off my truck, when I wasn't looking and smashed my right foot. The same right foot that I slammed into a gun cabinet at my house with no shoes on, the day before.

So.... to protect my damaged foot from more pummeling, AND from the elements, Saturday I wore my brand new work boots. BAD IDEA!!  Note to self... never EVER break in a new pair of Dog-Covers, at a three day festival that You Are In Charge Of!

Saturday during the awards ceremony at Cruisin'Pallooza 13, we had no microphone.  We actually did have a mic, we were just located too far from the sound booth, so the mic didn't work from WHERE WE WERE AT. So... Big Wally had to talk very VERY loudly. Now BW's voice is raspy and hurts.

Sunday at Cruisin'Pallooza 13, I decided to kind of take it a bit easier. We had our Live Events Coordinator in town from our parent company to take over some of the duties. She actually was in town for the last several days. But this day, she fell ill... badly ill and had to leave Bike Day. I'm happy to report that she will be ok and thank you very much to Julie of the Lisle Med Team and Broome Volunteer Ambulance.

Sunday was a long day at Cruisin'Pallooza 13 and it was hot. I got burned to a crisp. Had to clean up the grounds and start loading stuff in my truck and taking some stuff back. Unloading tables I had borrowed, wanting nothing more than to wash the grime and sweat off my burned to a crisp body.  I was tired, and cranky and wanted to hear no more about cars or bikes.


big wally

Heading down NYS Route 206, from Triangle into the Town of Greene, the most beautiful and full rainbow I had ever seen. Was it God's way of saying the weekend spell was broken? Maybe! All I know is that THAT RAINBOW, made one tired and weary Pallooza Person feel instantly better. And to whoever ordered it.... THANK YOU