I kind of hinge some important memories on our family cars. Like the time my Mom and brother were arguing over taking me to the library and my brother got in her Plymouth Fury II shoved it into gear and dropped the drive shaft. That was her first new car and boy di he get grounded! Or seeing movies at the drive-in on the roof of our 1965 Rambler American as we got cozy in sleeping bags. Cinderella was the first movie we saw.

Then there are pictures of my Mom and Gram standing next to their family cars. It's a time honored tradition to love our cars, I guess.

That is what I love about Cruisin' Pallooza. As you walk through the field of polished up beauties, one of them is bound to take you back to the old days. Or you stumble across the dream car you never got to own. Or hey! there's one that looks just like Grandpop's car!

The first time I went to Cruisin' Pallooza, I came across a Rambler and it even won a trophy. That was cool.

So, come out with the family and make car memories, or share some with your kids. If you have a car you're proud of, enter it! We'd love to see it in the field. Write down the dates: June 28th through the 30th and get all the details including entry forms here.

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