Time now for another edition of

Idiots in Action....
Some guy with a 67 Chevy four door, Chevy Impala has figured out a way to make it hit speeds of 300 mph:

Not with a tune up... Nope... he didn't drop in a drag motor.

He strapped a cruise missile engine to its roof.

Created by PAUL STENDER and a few wacked out NASCAR types, the missile has a 10-thousand horsepower engine.

It fires out 30-foot flames and leaves HUGE clouds of smoke in its wake.
The boys like to take it to various motorsports events and drive it around the track.
"You feel like the missile could fly off the top of the car at any minute," says Stender, "but it's great fun and the audience love it."

--Hillbillies and high tech.....  A dangerous Duo!