I remember it well: it was a warm May day. Construction crews lined Court and State Streets with orange cones and barrels.

After a while, I hardly noticed them. The Circle, or as Mayor Ryan calls it the gateway to Binghamton, was under construction. I never did quite understand the rest of the mess, until recently.

Why would crews rip up portions of Court and State along the edges? I got my answer 2 weeks ago. The new signal lights at the intersection. I think that was the most necessary part of the whole project!

Well, now all is well. the crews piled the signs, cones and barrels into trucks (but why did it take all day?) and headed off to the next job.Now, you can feel free to drive through the Downtown unobstructed. I am sure it'll be hard to get used to.

I just have one question. Why didn't they schedule all the work to be completed at the same time, so we could use the circle easily? It didn't even look appealing to go near with the other construction was going on! Just sayin.

Thank God it's done. Now can you pave State Street Mr. Mayor?