Remember when we had to share a phone with everyone in the household? And the chord kept us from walking all over the house?

Remember when we actually talked to people face-to-face? Those were the good old days and there are many people that didn't get to live through that era. It's time to take a break from technology and re-connect with real live people!

The National Day of Unplugging begins at sunset today and ends at sunset tomorrow. That means no tech toys or even TV. It's all about focusing on life. Imagine all the things you can see through "new" eyes" by taking this break.

When was the last time you actually looked at your surroundings without a lens or being distracted by your cell? Bet you can't remember!

To be fair, I am a techie. But, I do disconnect. Maybe not enough, but I do. So, I will attempt to give this Day of Unplugging a shot. I challenge you to do it too!

Comment to let us know how you did.