A little over a year ago in New Jersey, a 19 year old guy was reading a text and lost control of his car, striking another vehicle. The couple in that vehicle were severely injured. The victims attempted to hold the girl who sent the text partially responsible. What? Oh yes. Now the case is before a state appeals court.

Think about it. You send a text and your friend or family member reads it. You could be responsible for distracting them, if they are driving! The question most people have is: how are we supposed to know what the receiver is doing??

Honestly, some people know that the person they send a text to is driving. You should never send a text if you know that fact! Ever. If this ruling goes against the text sender, I am going to bet the penalty for knowingly distracting a driver will be huge.

This case will affect every single cell phone owner. It may also affect the way we use our phones. We would not be at this point if people would stop and think before they are stupid, yes I said and mean stupid. You know it is dangerous and illegal to text or even talk on the phone while driving. Yet, as I have seen frequently on Route 17 and I-81, many people don't care. They do it anyway. That is stupid and arrogant. It makes me mad, obviously.

Why should those of us who obey the law get punished because others break the law?