I recently learned we have a great stand up comedy scene here in Binghamton that not only needs our attention but deserves it! Most of you know I'm big into the local music scene but maybe you didn't know I respect and appreciate all forms of entertainment and art. This of course goes for comedy as well.

This past Wednesday I got the opportunity to judge a comedy open mic night at Matty B's on the corner of Glenwood Ave and Prospect Street in Binghamton.

We have a lot of great comics from here in Binghamton as well as some who are only visiting us for a short time as students from Binghamton University. I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with the talent. It takes a lot of guts to get up there in front of people and attempt to make them laugh. We all have different senses of humor. The trick to being a good comedian is to make your jokes as relatable as possible to the most amount of people. There were many people who were doing stand up for their first time and they were great! The person that won the Judges Competition had actually never done stand up before but every single line he gave was hilarious! Thank you to Kevin Salsibury who hosted the event. Salsibury is a comedian in his own right and spear heads all the comedy events in this area. Great job and thank you!

The next comedy night at Matty B's will be on November 20th. Open mic comedy night takes place every other Wednesday. Since I will be going to California on the 21st, I'm not sure if I will make it or not but I highly recommend going for some good laughs.

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