I love college football. I love pro football.  College football is not the "farm team" for the NFL; and definitely not for quarterbacks.

Remember Tim Tebow? The Heisman quarterback that people laugh at (although I happen to like him) and that cut by the Patriots? Well guess what? He was the best performing Heisman winner in the last 15 years. Yes, the cut QB was the best.

Let's talk turkey. Tebow was the latest Heisman QB to start and win a playoff game. The last was Vinny Testaverde all the back in 1987. Who are the active Heisman active NFL quarterbacks? Robert Griffin III (Washington), Carson Palmer (Arizona), Matt Leinart (Buffalo), Sam Bradford (St. Louis) and Cam Newton (Carolina).

The only one out of the group that should be a superstar is RG3. Other than that, all these guys have had good but not spectacular careers. I remember Charles White being talked up big time after he won the award. Turns out he had one of the most disappointing careers of any winner. And remember Andre Ware?  I didn't think so.

I think we need to appreciate the Heisman winners for their accomplishments, but not expect them to have stellar pro careers. There is a world of difference between college and pro football. The only similarity is the fame.

I give Tim Tebow a lot of credit. He deserved the Heisman. And I think he still could be a viable pro baller. As for the last Heisman winner, Johnny Manziel, he will not be successful.

Whoever the next Heisman winner is, let's remember that college football is not a farm team like the B-Mets are to the Mets.

Enough analysis, let's enjoy the game!