Do you wonder what happened to 'that band' or 'that singer?'
Well, let's look at 'Canned Heat'.

Canned Heat is a band from Los Angeles, having formed in 1965, with Bob Hite and Alan Wilson as lead vocalists.
Original members included  Keith Sawyer on drums, Stuart Brotman on bass and Mike Perlowin on guitar.
Alan passed away in 1970 and Bob died in 1981.

The best known lineup of the band included Bob and Alan, along with Larry Taylor on bass, Adolfo de la Parra on drums and Henry Vestine (Harvey Mandel) on guitar.

While there have been some changes in the band, Canned Heat still rocks our world with a lineup consisting of Larry, Adolfo, Harvey and Dale Spaulding who are currently on tour.

Check out Canned Heat's 'Woodstock Boogie' during the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival.