1980 is our Classic Rock Throwback Thursday for this week.
It was a turning point after the "Me Decade.'

As for 'me' I left WAAL to do mornings at a radio station in Elmira.
Two years later, I'm back!

Events in 1980 included the debut of Pac-Man, Mount St. Helen erupted, an attempt to rescue hostages in Iran failed, CNN began broadcasting on cable, and John Lennon was assassinated.

It was the year of "Who Shot J.R.?", movies included 'Private Benjamin', 'The Empire Strikes Back', '9 to 5', The Blues Brothers', Caddyshack', 'The Shining' and 'Airplane!'

In the sports world, The Steelers won the Superbowl over the Rams 31 to 19, the Phillies beat the Royals to clinch their first World Series Championship, the NY Islanders won the Stanley Cup and the US Olympic Hockey Team defeated the Soviet Union in the semifinals, dubbed the Miracle on Ice.
The team went on to clinch the gold medal round.

1980 began a whole new change in our world.
Hail to Big Hair and Spandex...oh boy.

In remembrance of John Lennon - 'Stand By Me.'