Today's Classic Rock Throwback Thursday is 1978.
That's the year I began working at WAAL, the first time!

I left in 1980 to be a morning DJ in Elmira (not a fan of getting up that early), and returned to The Whale in 1982.
OK, I hear the "you're old" jokes coming.

Back to 1978.

Top Rock Artists:
The Who, Van Halen, Journey, Kansas, Rolling Stones, Queen, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kansas, and Foreigner.

In sports, these were the champs:
World Series - Yankees
Superbowl - Cowboys
NBA - Washington Bullets
NHL - Canadiens
World Cup - Argentina

Other Facts:
63 cents bought you a gallon of gas.
Average rent monthly rent - $260.
A radio Shack computer went for $399 ( I bought one!)
Space Invaders was a huge hit.

The Who's 'Who Are You' was released in 1978, written by Pete Townsend off the album of the same name. It as the last album released by The Who before the death of Keith Moon later that year (September.)

In honor of Keith and 1978, here's The Who with 'Baba O'Reilly.'