1971 is our Classic Rock Throwback Thursday Pick this week.
What were some of the important events from that year?
Jim Morrison is found dead in Paris.
A ban on cigarette advertisement began on radio and TV.
Disney World opened in Florida.
'All in the Family' debuted on CBS.
The Attica Prison riots occurred in September.

In Sports:
The Colts beat the Cowboys 16 to 13 in Superbowl V.
Veterans Stadium in Philly opens.

On a personal note - my Uncle, James Laverne Randall was killed in action in Vietnam.
He was only 20 years old.

In music, the Allman Brothers Band recorded 'At Filmore East; in March.
Later that year, The Fillmore West closed with one last show featuring The Grateful Dead, CCR and Santana.

Check out The Allman Brothers performing 'Statesboro Blues" at Filmore East, our Classic Rock Throwback Thursday Pick.