1970 was the year I entered High School as a 10th grader.
That wasn't very long ago, was it?

I grew up in the Corning area, and while that's about 75 miles west of Binghamton, there was one radio station we could pick up from the 'big city' - WKOP-FM.
A couple of my friends discovered this radio station, and told me how cool it was, because it was on 'FM'" and was a 'Rock Station.'
Our small town had no such radio station, so it was a big deal to listen to, even though the signal wasn't the best, being so far away.

Of course WKOP-FM was on 99.1, and became WAAL-FM in the early 70s.
1969 was another great year for rock, and here are some of my favorite songs from that year in no particular order.
What would you add to the list?



Great Rock Songs From 1969