There are so many great Classic Rockers, albums and songs with cool stories and trivia.
So, each week, I'm gonna give you a bit of trivia and information on some of rock's greatest gems - things you may not have known!

This week, it's Head East's Flat As A Pancake.
It's one of my favorite albums.

Some facts:
The album was recorded in 1984 on Pyramid Records.
After "Never Been Any Reason" hit the airwaves, A&M Records signed the band.
The album was then re-released.
It was certified gold by the RIAA.
Interesting fact - "Never Been Any Reason" was not the bands highest charter (peaked at #68.)
"Love Me Tonight" peaked at #54 in 1975 and 'Since You Been Gone" hit #46 in 1978.
Those were the only 3 tunes to enter the Billboard Charts.
Head East formed in Illinois in 1968, and were originally called the TimeAtions.
My favorite tunes on the album are "Jacob's Ladder", "Jefftown Creek" and "Love Me Tonight."
And if you wondered where that diner pictures on the back cover is located at, it's the Rite Way Diner in on Olive Boulevard in Olivette, Missouri.

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