This week marks the 44th anniversary of the release of The Beatles 'Yellow Submarine' movie.

If you're mature like me (sounds better than saying "old like me"), you remember this movie when it first came out, or hopefully you have seen the movie at least once in your life.
If not, I recommend it.
Takes you back to the 60s in grand style!

'Yellow Submarine' was a quite a success, garnering positive results with audiences and critics alike.
I can imagine with the film being fully animated, and the Beatles not voicing their own characters except for the closing scene, the producers may have been a bit nervous about it's success.

It's the story of Pepperland, that beautiful paradise under the sea, being attacked and taken over by the Blue Meanies, results in an escape to Liverpool via the Yellow Submarine, commandeered by Old Fred (although the Mayor of Pepperland refers to him as Young Fred), seeking help from John, George, Paul and Ringo to take back the town.

The film showcases many great Beatles tunes, colorful scenes (thanks 1960s culture!) and some crazy seas, like the sea of monsters, sea of nothing, sea of holes and sea of green among others.
Sea what I mean?
Sorry, that was uncalled for.

Of course in the end, everyone lives happily ever after, except for the Blue Meanies.

In case you don't have the time to watch the entire movie, here's a quick video to enjoy.
Happy anniversary Yellow Submarine!