Valentines Day is near.
If you know me, you know how I feel about that.
Manufactured holiday for the greater good of picking the pockets of every guy who is in a relationship.
Sound a bit harsh?
Maybe it is, and I suppose it's not as outlandish as some other so-called holidays like 'In-Laws Day, 'National Weatherman's Day' or 'National Tooth Fairy Day."
Yes these all exist.

Last year, I did nothing for Valentines Day.
Caught a lot of flack for that, so I'll probably have to make amends this year.

For those of you who are not into this 'lovey-dovey' holiday, this weekend we offer you The Whale's annual "Anti-Valentine's Day Weekend, featuring songs about love breakups, love gone wrong, love stinks, well, you get the picture.
In addition, I dedicate this week's Classic Rock Pick Of The Week to you.

Enjoy this version of 'Love Stinks' from the J.Geil's Band, along with the very funny Adam Sandler version from the movie "The Wedding Singer."