You've got to love Ozzy!
If there's one person in the rock world who has lived life to it's fullest, it has to be Mr. Osbourne.

While he's done some crazy stuff during his public and private life, we all know he's going to be best known for the 'Bat' incident.
It was 32 years ago this week, during Ozzy's concert tour stop in Des Moines, Iowa that someone from the crowd threw a bat onto the stage.
How or why this person happened to bring a bat into the show with the intention of throwing it on stage, baffles me.
Ozzy, of course, thought it was fake (the bat wasn't moving) and to get a laugh, began to bite it's head off.
That woke up the bat, and after the show, Ozzy ended up in the hospital to undergo rabies shots.
I'm sure he handled the situation better than most people would, but it still was a painful part of his life.

Ozzy leads one crazy life, so let's board the 'Crazy Train' with him for our Classic Rock Pick of the Week!