37 years ago, one of my favorite albums was released.
It set the tone for the late 70s and my younger years.

That album became No. 7 for Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, named 'Night Moves.'
This week, back in 1977, the album went platinum, eventually becoming multi-platinum.

There are many great songs on that album, like 'Rock & Roll Never Forgets', 'The Fire Down Below', 'Sunspot Baby', 'Come To Papa' plus my favorite, the title song - 'Night Moves.'
Every time I listen to that tune, it reminds me of some great times growing up.

For a different but amazing take on the song, check out this version from last year, when Bob Seger joined NBC's 'The Voice' contestants, Zach and Colton - The Swon Brothers, on stage to perform 'Night Moves', our Classic Rock Pick of the Week!