Today is a Full Moon, so what better way to celebrate it, than with Ozzy Osbourne's 'Bark At The Moon' album!

Ozzy was originally credited as the only songwriter on the album, but accounts mentioned in later years that Jake E. Lee and Bob Daisley had some hand in the songwriting.
The album was Ozzy's 3rd, released in December of 1983 and the first after the unfortunate death of Randy Rhoads back in March of 1982..

The title track - 'Bark At The Moon' was released in November 1983.

According to Wikipedia, "The song itself is about a mythical beast that once terrorized a town, was killed and then resurrected itself to once more wreak havoc. The music video, however, is about a scientist (played by Osbourne) who accidentally turns himself into a beast, is killed, and resurrected as a free human again.'

Happy Full Moon, and watch out for werewolves and strange people lurking around.
Check out the video for 'Bark At The Moon.'