The first album by 'Kiss' was released 40 years ago today, and they also made their TV debut 40 years ago on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert.

So many rock and pop bands have faded way after a few years, but those masked rockers named 'Kiss' is one of those bands that have continued to thrive even with a few changes in the lineup (10 members) along with and without makeup.

As for their name, the story goes that back in 1973, while Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and Peter Criss were driving around NYC, Peter had mentioned a band he used to be in, was called 'Lips', so Gene came up with the idea of calling their band 'Kiss'.
That was that!

The band decided to unmask in September of 1983, but went back to their trademark appearance in 1996 during the 38th annual Grammy Awards Show to an amazing ovation.
Check out their introduction at the show, and a great video of the song "'Rock-n-Roll All Night!'