TWISTED SISTER has always been one of my favorite rock bands. I first discovered them in the summer of 1984, during the high hair heavy metal MTV days. At that time, rock n Roll... any Rock N Roll was an amazing diversion from the Michael Jackson dance videos.

Twisted Sister was were weird and wild, and they ROCKED!! This  band from Long Island, was kind of a cross between Iron Maiden and AC-DC.While the band members' famously cross-dressed appearance might seem to link them with the 1980s glam metal movement, Twisted Sister's raw and raucous musical style was cool, even if they dressed up as ugly looking chicks that got hit with a Maybelline Missile.

The band had lots of ups and downs, broke up, got back together... then in 2006 produced


People are always calling and saying 'Can you play some Xmas music?' Well, now you can play it over and over... and send it to your friends to play over and over.

This is a cool video and it's called 'Silver Bells'