And away we go!
Our Classic Rock songs are lined up in order by title, and we're playing every one of them from A to Z, provided we don't screw up and play a song out of order.
Well, we are only human you know!
Sometimes it gets confusing with songs that have an apostrophe in the first word like It's, I'll or I'd.
We didn't do too well in English class.

Now remember, if you think of a Classic Rock song that we may have missed in past years, let us know what it is, provided we haven't gone past the time it would have needed to air.
Call us at (607) 723-9996, or shoot it our way via Facebook at 99.1thewhale or by e-mail it to Don Morgan (the keeper of the list) at

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Now, lets' get to it and Classic Rock from A to Z!