I always shopped well ahead of time for Christmas. One year, I was done in May. Meanwhile, my brother has been a Christmas Eve shopper most of his life. I hate to admit it, but he has the better plan!

I should clarify that my brother never has a plan, he just does everything last minute, but he still comes out ahead. Why? Because Christmas Eve has the steepest discounts of the entire year. That's right, Black Friday discounts don't come close.

This year, you get the added bonus of stores being open until 6 or even 9 pm! Some stores don't close at all from now until late Christmas Eve. If you go to one of those stores, very early morning will be the quietest time.

One added bonus, if you last minute shop, you tend to do so by instinct, which means you more than likely will buy a gift will be more personal and mean more to the recipient. Talk about looking good by accident.  Score!

Don't be surprised if, as this Christmas Eve secret spreads, that Black Friday becomes less of a big deal.

I will not be joining in this new craze. It's in my nature to be prepared ahead of time, but still happy last minute shopping.