So as the saying goes - "How You Doin'?"
And by that, I mean how are you faring so far this holiday season?
No stress at all, not even a tiny bit?

Fine, maybe some people glide through with no problems, but many do not.
PR Newswire reports that Christmas is the sixth most stressful life event.
Others include moving to a new home, getting a divorce, starting a new job.

But back to Christmas, it's the usual things like what to get for that person who has everything?
My Mother tops that list.
She says every year "Don't you kids get me anything. I don't need you spending money you don't have."
We're not gonna get her anything?
Not gonna happen.
We'll find something, and she'll yell at us for a minute and that will be that.

Of course cost is a big stress starter.
You try to budget it all out, but that doesn't always work.
The temptations are there too - open a new credit card account, skip a payment, etc.
Should you or shouldn't you?
Tough decisions.

As for me, yea the stress is there.
Maybe a little eggnog spiked with rum will ease the tension.
Feeling better already.