Remember when Halloween was easy? Mom and Dad picked out your costume and you wore hand-me-downs the next year? And, of course, there were only about 10 choices to wear.

Frank Jago

Today there are tons of choices and we are grown up. So, how about narrowing your picks simply by avoiding the "viral" ideas and going with what  your personality matches? That removes the wrecking ball and Duck Dynasty costumes, but opens the door for outfits you'll like better.

If you like the weird, the Huffington Post came up with a doozy of a list! You can go with the Spaghetti and meatballs look, be a pregnant fairy, a "one night stand" or even a sexy skunk.

Don't stress about it, just have fun with it. If I could, I would love to have the vinyl suit and plastic mask combo today. I miss those days.By the way, I wore the Casper costume my brother is in two years later!

Lee Ann Taylor