I come by my chocolate addiction honestly. My Dad has long been a Special Dark fan. Dark chocolate is touted as the healthy form of the sweet treat. It lowers blood pressure and so much more.

Now, researchers have found out that it may also aid in weight loss. Wait! What??? Weight loss? If this is true, my prayers have been answered.

The University of California, San Diego stumbled upon this possibility during a large study. A person can eat chocolate, effectively eating more calories, and still lose weight. The key is the antioxidants.

In my opinion, people who eat chocolate are also happier and that contributes to weight loss. Feel free to add this piece of cocoa heaven to your daily intake, just don't go nuts!

Here are some reasons to add chocolate to your diet.

1. Heart Health. It not only lowers blood pressure but improves circulation by relaxing the walls of your blood vessels.

2. Brain Benefit.  Chocolate's antioxidants and just right amount of caffeine improve brain activity and performance. It also triggers a sense of euphoria.

3. Stress Management. The treat actually fights off the release of stress hormones which cause many physical and mental problems in humans. Dark chocolate also contains magnesium which can alleviate many PMS symptoms.

4. Weight Control. Because chocolate kicks stress hormones out of existence, it also aids in weight loss, since that hormone is responsible for much of the weight gains we experience. The smell of chocolate is a big part of the benefit here as it curbs the appetite naturally.