Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking when they make decisions. When it is a company I wonder where their "filters" are.

Not only did a company produce and package a naughty leopard costume for toddler girls, but Walmart stocked it! I saw a parent posted picture of it on Facebook yesterday and apparently many people complained, as they should have. Walmart did pull the costume from shelves and their website yesterday.

Sexualizing children is heinous. For a company to contribute to the problem is beyond my comprehension. Do we not hear enough about pedophiles to realize that dressing a child sexually is adding fuel to the fire? Come on people!

I have 2 young granddaughters. I just bought my 3 year old a Disney Princess costume. As I chose it, I made sure it was proper. And it it, since Disney is an expert at "kids".

When I saw the inappropriate costume, I thought about toddler pageants, here they sexualize the children too.  It's a shake my head moment. Pride and want apparently trump a child's well being.  Not in my house. Ever. In my house, no one gets robbed of a childhood.

What's your take?