The World Cup is being played in Brazil and USA is advancing (even though they lost 1-0 to Germany).

That means we have at least one more game ahead of us. So, to prepare for the next USA game, here are some fun drink ideas.

You can try the popular drink of Rio, cachaca. It's a liquor made from sugarcane and tastes kind of like rum and tequila. or, you can go the beer route and take a trip around the world.

Pick up some international beers, and a purely American one, and have at it!

It looks like Belgium will be the next opponent for USA and there are plenty of Beer offerings from that country here.

If you want to get extra crazy, there is an unofficial World Cup drinking game.

By the looks of things, we are going to need something to keep us calm during the next match. Heck, I have no clue how soccer works, but it was stressful watching today.  Yikes!

Team USA plays the winner of Group H on July 1st at 4 pm.  Go USA!