This weekend is Hometown Days (Thursday-Saturday) in Susquehanna, my "new" hometown. Every organization and most businesses in town set up booths with games or food and there are rides too. It's like a mini fair.

I think it's cool that the residents take such pride in where they live that they created a 3 day celebration.

It reminds me of growing up and how, even as kids, we were involved in the community. We went to the local pond to skate in winter, the roller rink, the little hardware store. You get the idea.

I don't see as much of that these days. So to get the ball rolling and try and make the idea of hometown pride contagious, I want you to comment with one good thing about where you live!

I'll start. I love the main street in Susquehanna. People still use it quite a bit and it is pretty to the eye.