National Puppy Day is not a day to just revel in furry cuteness, but to take a moment and visit your nearby shelter and donate, volunteer or adopt.

One such shelter is the True Friends Animal Welfare Center in Montrose, PA. In 2010, the PSCPA announced it was closing their shelter in Montrose after being there for decades. There are very few shelters in Northeastern PA, so this concerned many. A group of people stepped up and opened True Friends less than a year later.

Recently, their main sign out front of the property was stolen. Can you believe that? It costs money to replace it and since they rely solely on us for financial help, I hope we can all pitch in a bit to get a new sign. And to help maintain a safe place for all the pets, many of whom ended up at True Friends after the floods.

This no kill shelter is packed to brim with animals and can certainly use any help it can get.
They not only adopt out animals, but they provide training and other services as well as education.

There is nothing like adopting a rescue dog. I have done it twice and rescued some cats as well. On a day when we say "awww!" more than usual, I hope you will also say "I'll help."

Visit their website or Facebook page.