My Labor Day Weekend
I hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend. For most of us, the next holiday weekend that we'll get work off for will be Thanksgiving. Here's how I spent mine.
One Year Ago Today
Where were you one year ago today? 11 young boys from our area will never forget where they were. I was there as Maine-Endwell became World Champions!
My Vacation Part Three
Sunday I volunteered as a Walking Scorer for the Dick's Sporting Goods Open. I got to walk with a Hall of Fame golfer. Read about my experience.
Something’s Missing
Another walking bridge has been taken down in Binghamton. This one used to help with crowds going to and leaving the arena. Here is my take.
My Vacation Part Two
I spent my vacation last week volunteering at the Dick's Open. I was a Walking Scorer on Wednesday and Thursday. I tell you all about it in my blog.
My Vacation Part One
I spent my vacation volunteering at the Dick's Sporting Goods Open. Friday I was part of the Transportation Team, and then as a Walking Scorer. Check it out.

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