My NASCAR Experience at Pocono
I drove an actual NASCAR stock car on Pocono Raceway and you can too. The same track they use for the NASCAR and Indy Car races. It was a blast. Check it out.
My Wife’s Mother’s Day
Sunday was Mother's Day! Ian and I tried to execute a well planned day of activities that Chris would like. It didn't quite go as planned.
The NFL Draft Is Underway
To some football fans, the NFL Draft is almost as exciting as a playoff game. I get excited about the draft, but I can't sit and watch it. Let me explain why.
NY Mets Pitchers Need to Find Their Way
Things were looking great for the New York Mets coming north out of Spring Training in Florida.  They got off to a start of 11-1 and everything was going their way.  Since that blistering start New York has lost six of its last ten outings...

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