If Gene Simmons Was a Cow
Gene needs to buy this cow and keep it as a pet. They say people start to resemble their pets after a while. They look a lot a like already.
4 Months Ago Today, Remember?
4 months ago today you were either watching snow fall or out shoveling or snow blowing. Winter Storm Stella hit Binghamton hard 4 months ago. Jim looks back.
Revenge on a Neighbor
A guy in Sequim Washington got revenge on his neighbor by mowing the word "A-HOLE" in his lawn. Check out the picture from Google Earth here.
Sunday Fun Day
I had a great day yesterday. I wrapped up my weekend with some of my family members that came here to visit. From Animal Adventure to golf, I had a great time.
Anniversary Getaway
My wife and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary with a couple of days in Lake Placid. Read how we spent our time and check out the pictures as well.
Drafts with Giraffes
This Saturday was the 4th annual Drafts with Giraffes at Animal Adventure in Harpursville. Here's my review and some pictures from the sold out event.
What I Did This Weekend
I had a very busy weekend, from a concert, to yard work, to a baseball game, and a service for those who laid down their lives for our freedom.

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