History of the First National Bank in Binghamton
The history of the downtown Binghamton Phelps Bank Building is a long, and interesting story. From the time it was built, face-lifts, necessary rebuilds, and the state of the building now, this building certainly has a long narrative.
Abandoned — Charlotte Kenyon Elementary School
I’ve been really excited to get into this building for an episode of Abandoned. This time, we pulled into the Town of Barker, NY to the old Charlotte Kenyon Elementary School. While peering through its broken windows, I couldn’t help but think of all of the childhood memories that were m…
First Responders Need More Training!
I've always said that police, military, and any first responders should train themselves further than what they learn in academy. It's important for them to realize that "I'm a [marine/soldier/officer/etc], I've been trained!" means exactly nothing.

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