My Holiday Memories
I love reminiscing this time of year. Thinking back to Christmases from long ago. One of my favorite parts back then was the family putting up the tree.
We Found a Tree
Every year we put up a real tree at our house for Christmas. This year, we decided to cut down our own. Check out the before and after pictures of our live tree
Owego’s Lights on the River
Six of us went out to Lights On the River in Owego Friday night. It was a small town celebration with old time feel. Check out the pictures and the videos.
Dogs Help with Christmas
I had a Strange But True story this morning about dogs helping their owners deal with family around the holidays. It made me think back to my dog Hutch.
Upside down Christmas Trees
I guess the new fad is upside down Christmas trees. I think it's stupid. We put up three trees every year. Here are pictures and stories for each tree.
What Do You Tell the Kids?
A wedding photo of a couple in the Netherlands has gone viral. How do you explain it to your children if they ever see it. Click here to see the picture.

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